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New units

创There are some new units and buildings in COC3. I will discuss a few of them with you here.创


Militians创Our new basic infantery is armed with semi, and full automatic machine guns. Because they are light armed they can move quickly across the battlefield.创
Strong vs: Rocket infanterie.
Weak vs: Licht vehicles, tanks, aircraft.

Black hand

Black hand创Our new flame-armed infantery is a devestating power for enemy infantery. Their weapons are highly advanced and can lay waste to all GDI infantery forces in seconds!创
Strong vs: Infantery, rocket infantery.
Weak vs: Tanks, aircraft.

Shadow team

Shadow team创Our elite stealthed infanterie are equipped with gliders and rapid-fire guns for devastating enemy licht resistance. They can glide over enemy lines, and blow their buildings in the sky with their mobile bombs.创
Strong vs: Infantery, rocket infantery, buildings.
Weak vs: Tanks, aircraft, light vehicles.


Commando创Deadly armed with remote bombs, a stealth generator and a laser gun, this unit will criple GDI磗 base form the inside!创
Strong vs: Infantery, rocket infantery, light vehicles.
Weak vs: Aircraft.

Scorpion tank

Scorpion tank创Our new standard tank can be upgraded with a laser capacitor and dozer blades to crush enemy (heavy) infantery and bring us glory!创
Strong vs: Light vehicles.
Weak vs: Heavy tanks, rocket infantry, aircraft.

Flame tank

Flame tank''Our new flame technolgies allows us to build a new, even more destructive flame tank with 2 flamethrowers. It easely lays waste to all enemy infantry!''
Strong vs: All infantery.
Weak vs: Tanks, aircraft.

Beam canon

Beam canon''The new Nod artillery is an advanced long-range laser with destructive powers. It crushes enemy buildings and base-defences in seconds.''
Strong vs: Buildings, Base-defences.
Weak vs: Tanks, light vehicles, rocket infantry.

Avatar warmech

Avatar warmech''Behold, the strongest from my arsenal. The Avatar warmech is a strong, but expensive mech that crushes everything in its path with its super-strong laser. It can also upgrade itself with other Nod vehicles.''
Strong vs: Infantry, buldings, base-defences, light vehicles, tanks.
Weak vs: Aircraft.

Venom patrolcraft

Venom patrolcraft''The Nod chopper class, the Venom, is a patrolcraft equipped with a machinegun that can target air-and-ground targets.If upgraded, the Venom gains a laser.''
Strong vs: Infantry, light vehicles.
Weak vs: Rocket infantry.

Vertigo bomber

Vertigo bomber''My new stealthed bomber equipped with an fuel-air bomb can target all GDI buildings without being noticed. But, anti-air is a nightmare for this bomber.''
Strong vs: Buildings, tanks, light vehicles.
Weak vs: Anti-air.

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Welcome to! This site is for all who appose GDI and popanuate our cause! I, Kane, leader of the brotherhood and your shepherd, has returned in Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. I call all visitors of this site to support Nod's cause on the worldwideweb. On this site I have placed some short messages from me to my children, you. Because my second hobby is Marvel-Heroes, I have also placed some Marvel mini series on the site! Have fun on this site and remember, have faith!

Kane lives!

Kane lives!创I know it has all been very confusing for you my children during my abscence. But I have not abandoned you. I have returned to you to lead you once more against GDI! I have seen they are vulnerable, full of arrogance and completioncie, now is the time to strike! My children follow me. Transformation is coming, a new day will dawn, the future, is ours!创

Fight for us!

Fight for us!''Fight for the brotherhood, online or offline but let GDI feel our wrath! One vision, one purpose: Peace through power!!!''

Shop with Kane

Shop with Kane''Visit the official site and buy the newest Nod accesoires and gear. Check the link!''

Nod characters

Interview Joe Kucan

Re-awaken Nod!

Kane's message

Kane磗 speech

The end of tiberiun sun

Kane lives!

Kane lives!''Kane lives! Check the link.''

Spiderman: Venom saga 1

Spiderman: Venom saga 2

Spiderman: Venom saga 3

Spiderman: Venom saga 4

Spiderman: Venom saga 5

Spiderman: Venom saga 6

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